Black Baby Girl Names That Start With J

Black baby girl name that start with

Black Baby Girl Names That Start With JThe girl is considered the goddess of wealth.Whenever a new girl is born in the family, all the family jumps happily and well and enthusiastically starts preparing for her naming but naming is not an easy task because we want our girl’s name Most infrequent and easy to call, which can be remembered easily.Keeping all these problems and troubles in our mind, we have given more than 200 names of girls in this post who start with J letter and you can choose them according to your convenience.

Baby Girl Name Starting With J200 plush girl name start with j

Baby Girl Names  Meaning
Julia      Youthful
JosephineGod will add
JadeGreen Stone
JasmineJasmine flower
JocelynMember of the gauts tribe
JosieMember of the gauts tribe
Juliette  Youthful
Juliet    Youthful
JoannaGod is gracious
JaylaTo ascend
June   Young
Jessica  Rich
JaneGod is gracious
JenniferThe fair one
JennaWhite, fair
JayleenBeautiful jay bird
JanelleGod is gracious
JazminJasmine flower
JohannaGod is gracious
JaydaJade gem
JasmineJasmine flower
JaniyahGod is gracious
JemmaJewel, gem
JaylahBeautiful jay bird
JaliyahTo ascend
JaydeJade gem
JessieRich , Wealthy
Black Baby Girl Names That Start With J

Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Baby Girl Names Meaning
JoselynMember of the guts tribe
JayleeBeautiful jay bird
JudithWoman of Judea
joslynMember of the guts tribe
jaydenGod has heard
JazzlynnMember of the guts tribe
JennyGod is gracious
JazmineJasmine flower
Jolene God shall increase
Jemma Dove
Jayde Gem stone jade
Jolie Pretty
Jessa Rich
Joelle Jehovah is his god
Jazlynn Jazz, jasmine
Jaylynn Lively waterfall
Jana   God is gracious
Jewel Precious stone
Jasmin Jasmine flower
Jaslyn Jasmine
Jasmarie A combination of jasmine + marie
JasmyneForms of jasmine
Jatara A combination of jane +tara
Javana From java
Javiera Owner of a new house
Javonna Form of javana
jaycee A combination of the initials j + c
Jayda A form of jayda
Jayde A form of jade
JaydeeA combination of the initials j +d
Jaye Jay bird
Jayla A short form of jaylene
Jaylene Form of jaylyn
Jaylin A form of jaylyn
Jaymie Form of jami
Jaymi Form of jami
Jayna A form of jane.
Jaynie A familiar form of jayne
Jeanna Form of jean
Jeanette Form of jean
jeannieA familiar form of jean.
Janine Form of jean
Jelena A form of helen
Jelisa A combination of jean + lisa
Jem A short form of jemima
Jemma A short form of jemima
Jenae Form of jenna
Jendaya Thankful
Black Baby Girl Names That Start With J

Baby Girl Names Starting With J and Their Meaning

Baby Girl Names start with j Meaning
jenelle A combination of jenny + nelle.
jenissa A form of jenisa
jenicaA form of jane
jeniffer Form of Jennifer
jenka A form of jane
jenna Small bird
jennilynn Combination of jenni + lynn
jenny Familiar form of jennifer
jennyfer A form of Jennifer
jelardine A form of jeraldine
jereni A form of Irene
Jerri Short form of jeraldine
Jerica A combination of jeri + Erica .
Jerilyn A combination of jeri + lynn
Jermaine A form of Jermaine
Jerrica A form of jerica
Jerusha Inheritance
Jesenia Flower
JesikaForm of Jessica
Jessa A short form of jessalyn, jessamine, Jessica
Jessalyn A combination of Jessica + lynn
Jessamine A form of jasmine
Jesse, jessi Form of jessi
JessecaA form of jessic
Jessy Short form of Jessica
Jessika A form of Jessica
Jesslyn A short form of jessalyn
Jessyka Form of Jessica
Jesusa God is my salvation
Jetta A familiar form of jevette
Jevette A combination of jean + Yvette
Jezebel Unexalted, impure
Jianna A form of gianna
Jibon Life
Jill A short form of jillian
Jillaine A form of jillian
Jilleen A form of jillian
Jillian Youthful
Jimi Supplanter, substitute
Jimisha A combination of jimi + aisha
Jin A short form of ginny, jinny
Jina A form of gina
Jinny A familiar form of Virginia
Jirina A form of Georgia
Jizelle A form of giselle
Jo A short form of Joanna, Jolene, Josephine
Joan God is gracious
Joanna A form of joan
joannie Familiar form of joan
joanne A form of joan
Black Baby Girl Names That Start With J

Biblical Girl Names That Start With J

Baby Girl Names That Start With J Meaning
joannyA familiar form of joan
joaquina God will establish
Jabria Combination of the prefix ja + brea
Jacalyn A form of Jacqueline
jocelynA form of Jocelyn
jacy Combination of initials J + C.
Jacie Forms of jacey
Jacinth Beautiful , attractive.
Jacinthe A form of jacinda
Jackalyn A form of Jacqueline
JackelynA form of Jacqueline
Jackie Familiar form of Jacqueline
Jacklyn A form of jacqueline
Jacquel A form of Jacqueline
Jaclyn A short form of Jacqueline
Jacobi Supplanter, substitute
Jacqualine A form of Jacqueline
Jacquelin A form of of Jacqueline
Jacquelynn A form of Jacqueline
JacquiA short form of Jacqueline
Jae Jay bird
Jael Mountain goat, climber
Jaelynn Combination of jae + lynn
Jaffa A form of yaffa
Jaha Dignified
Jailyn A form of jaelyn
Jaime I love
Jaimee A form of Jaime
Jaimie A form of Jaime
Jaira Jehova teaches
Jakeisha A combination of jakki + aisha
Jakki A form of jacki
JaleesaA form of jalisa
Jalena A combination of jane + lena
Jalessa A form of jalisa
Jalia, jaleaCombination of jae + leah
Jalila Great
Jalisa, jalissa Combination of jae + lisa
Jalysa A form of jalisa
Jamani A form of jami
Jamaria Combination of jae + maria
Jamee A form of Jaime
Jamey A form of jami, Jamie
Jamila Beautiful
Jamilynn A combination of jami + lynn
Jamonica A combination of jami + Monica
Jamylin A form of jamilynn
Jan A short form of jane , janet, Janice
Jana Gracious, merciful
Janay A forms of jane
Janalynn A combination of jana + lynn.
Black Baby Girl Names That Start With J

Baby Girl Names That Start With J

Baby Girl Names That Start With J Meaning
Janalynn A combination of jana + lynn.
Janan Heart, soul
Jane God is gracious
Janel, Janelle A form of Janelle
Janelle A form of jane
Janesha A form of janessa
Janessa A form of jane.
Janet A form of jane
Janeth A form of janet
Janice God is gracious.
Janika A form of jane
Janine A form of jane.
Janis A form of jane.
Janita A form of jaunita.
Janna Harvest of fruit.
Jardena Garden
Jarian A combination of jane + marian.
Jarita Earthen water jug.
Jas A short form of jasmine.
Jasia A form of jane
Jaslyn A form of Jocelyn.
Jasmain A short form of jasmine.
Baby Girl Names That Start With J

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Black Baby Girl Names That Start With J

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